Solar Mortgage

The Project

To pitch a partnership between Better Mortgage and Tesla Solar Roof, I was asked to design and build this landing page with an interactive calculator.

My Contribution

Starting from a rough wireframe and a basic calculator, I crafted the page, adding few animation triggering on scroll. To make the calculator engaging, we enhnaced it with an interactive animated roof. The page was very liked and help the two company reach an agreement on the ongoing partnership.

Landing page


Roof cost calculator


The larger your Solar Roof, the more you save

Roof Size
1500sq ft
Roof Coverage

See how much you can save with a Solar MortgageTM compared to


Energy Production per Year: 5812.50 kWh
Average 30 year inflation $0.23
Avg Monthly Electricity Income $113.37


Roof Cost: $24750
Old Mortgage Total: $489888
Old Monthly Payment: $1785.67
Solar Mortgage Total: $514638
Solar Monthly Payment: $1913.7
Net Difference: $128.02
Retail Monthly Payment: $464.99


Tax Credits per month: $618.75
Monthly Net Cost In Year 1 (includes Solar Tax Credit): $-604.10
Monthly Net Cost After Year 1: $14.65
Year Net Cost In Year 1 (includes Solar Tax Credit): $-7249
Year Net Cost After Year 1: $5100
Total Cost to Consumer over 30 years: $-2149.2644007928193
Total Monthly Cost to Consumer over 30 years: $-5.97

Oppurtunity Cost

Annualized Savings: $1608.75
Total Savings: $48262.5
Net Financing vs Cashout: $-50411.76440079282
$228/ month

average retail loanYou can only get this size of roof with Better

-$6/ month

solar mortgage

Loan cost
Value of energy
Tax credit (monthly)
Tax credit
Loan duration
5 year term
30 year term
Net monthly
Interest rate
Loan duration
5 year term
30 year term
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Roof savings
Lifetime cost of Solar Mortgage
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Exploding house


Solar RoofHomeSolar RoofCimney
Solar Roof
Home value
Home value with a Solar MortgageTM

Sun timeline


Landing page


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